Yukon Nvrs Titanium 1. 5X42 Night Vision Rifle Scope, Weaver Mount

Nvrs Titanium 1 5X42 Night Vision Rifle
Yukon Nvrs Titanium 1 5X42 Night Vision Rifle Scope Weaver Mount Image 1

Pinpoint the target with increased preciseness with the Nvrs Titanium 1. 5X42 brought to you by Yukon. The nightvision hunting scope weighs only 2.8 lbs. Where to buy a Nvrs Titanium 1. 5X42. If you need a great deal on this scope, click on our affilate add to cart button on this page.


Model: YK26011
UPS: 744105200223
Package Quantity: 1

The NVRS Mini Varmint Hunter 1. 5x42 utilizes enhanced optics, a durable, titanium physique and sleek design to separate itself from any other night vision riflescope. The Mini Varmint Hunter is also digital camera adaptable with the digital camera accessory; other accessories incorporate a laser pointer, AK adapter, IR flashlight and Doubler lens, that are all sold separately. A built-in, strong Pulse infrared illuminator is easily activated to enhance image brightness and improve range in total darkness; a precision windage and elevation adjustment and remote are extra attributes. The Varmint Hunter is backed by Yukon's Limited Lifetime Warranty. It truly is also equipped getting a powerful 42mm lens to supply higher resolution and light gathering capabilities, and flip-up lens covers open to reveal high quality multi-coated optics and an illuminated reticle. The Mini Varmint Hunter incorporates a lengthy mount into its ergonomic design to enable for more comfort all through shooting while also enabling the scope to accommodate the widest range of rifles, including bolt action types.

Advanced optics are capable of providing 1. 5X night vision magnification in low light conditions, at up to 200 yards of detection distance. The Yukon NVRS Titanium 1. The powerful 42-millimeter lens gives high resolution and light gathering capabilities. Called the"Varmint Hunter,"it's the smallest and lightest model inside the company's Titanium line. 5X42 scope features enhanced optics, a durable titanium body, and sleek lines. A long mount and ergonomic design create a comfortable shooting experience, whilst also enabling the scope to accommodate a wide range of rifles, including bolt action.

Flip-up lens covers open to reveal quality multicoated optics and an illuminated reticle. An exclusive Pulse built-in infrared illuminator expands viewing range while minimizing battery drainage. It supplies the maximum possible infrared output, but permits the illuminator diode to pulse, protecting the IR from burning out. This pulsing is invisible to the human eye, but implies the illuminator can penetrate longer distances.

Specifications1. 5X magnification42-millimeter lens diameter20-degree field of view32-36 lp/mm resolutionSeven yards to infinity focus range45-millimeter eye relief+/-4 diopter adjustmentUp to 200-yard detection distance100-yard infrared illuminator distance1/2 MOA per click windage and elevation adjustmentRuns on two AA batteries for up to 50 hours-22-to-122-degree operating temperatureMeasures 3. 3 by 8. 1 by 3. 6 inches (W x H x D) 30-ounce weight


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