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Adorama 55MM To T-mount Adapter: For Mounting 55MM Threaded Digital Cameras On A Telescope, Spotting Scope Or Nightvision Scope .

55MM To T-mount Adapter: For Mounting4 Star Rating
55MM To Tmount Adapter For Mounting
55MM To T-mount Adapter:

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adorama t-mount adapter mounting threaded digital

On Sale: $19.95
Brand: Adorama
UPC: 410000025277
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Product Description

This can be a 55mm thread to a T-mount (42mm) thread adapter. Most scope to T-adapters are obtainable via the scope manufacturer. It allows all 55mm threaded cameras to turn into utilised with telescope and spotting scopes, by way from the use of a scope T-adapter.


  • Pack: 1
  • Weight: 0.1 lbs.

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