Adorama 28MM To T-mount Adapter: For Mounting 28MM Threaded Digital Cameras On A Telescope, Spotting Scope Or Nightvision Scope .

28MM To Tmount Adapter For Mounting

The 28MM To Tmount Adapter For Mounting is a brilliant scope for your hunting. The barcode (Universal Product Code) for this is 410000000861. The scope weighs only 0.25 lbs. Are you considering getting the 28MM To Tmount Adapter For Mounting and you are simply looking for the best value for this on it? Perhaps want to find out the opinions of other customers before you buy a scope? If that's the case then you are at the right place. We would like for you to get the best price and service when you buy a nightvision scope. Please check out the buyers market button on this page.


UPS: 410000000861
Package Quantity: 1

This could be a 28mm thread to a T-mount (42mm) thread adapter. It allows all 28mm threaded cameras to be utilized with telescope and spotting scopes, by way of the use of a scope T-adapter. Most scope to T-adapters are readily available through the scope manufacturer.


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